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It starts with being easy to use

Our educational website is focused on providing a school website content management system that everyone can use and even those who don’t know computer. Every feature is based on empowering non-technical teachers, staff and webmasters to keep a website fresh, and improving how schools connect with the entire school community.

Managing websites – especially school websites that are vital to engaging your parents and staff – shouldn’t be complicated. With Campus Suite, we keep it clean and simple, and provide all support you need to build and maintain a great school website.

News and AnnouncementsShare the latest news with your community directly on your homepage. There is no limit to the variety of news sections you can choose from. For example, you can create separate news sections for Athletics, Alumni, PTA and even District News. You also have the option to designate different authors for each section.


Calendars for students

Keep your community informed about all scheduled events, whether hours or weeks away. Create a variety of calendars for different purposes, and distribute content to the right individuals. Printer-friendly versions of your calendars are created automatically.


Web Forms for Students

Create online forms with as many questions or fields as necessary to collect information for surveys, job applications, questionnaires and more


Photo Albums for college

Capture school events with digital photography and upload the images quickly and easily to your website through a drag-and-drop browser module. Pictures will be uploaded at once—and resized to match your website’s dimensions. You can also add captions, re-organize photos, and rotate them with ease.

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Student EMails List

Send emails to your community through the admin system. Auto-subscribe parents, students, and teachers to multiple email lists that are accessible through the public website. You can create an email list for teacher, class, and department pages.

Homework assignments

can be posted in less than a minute. The teacher will enter the assignment and the due date, and click on “Save.” Additional files can be attached to the assignment and permission can be given for students to upload their homework directly to password protected areas of the website.

More Features



Features and Pricing
Custom Plans
   Hosting and Domain Name Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Pages 10 25 Unlimited Unlimited Custom Pages
   Gallery Up to 20 Images Up to 50 Images Unlimited Unlimited with integration with Instagram and Flicker
   Responsive Design for Smartphones and Tablets Yes Yes Yes Yes
   Search Engine Submission Yes Yes Yes Yes
   SEO Friendly Yes Yes Advance Custom
   Design Concepts 5 10 25 40
   Social Media Pages (Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus) No Yes Yes Yes
   Custom Control Panel No No Yes Yes
   Online Admission and Registration No No No Yes
Analytics No Yes Yes Yes
Push Notification on Browsers and Smartphones No No Yes Yes